Turning the

Shafts and gears are important components in machinery around the world, in everything from automobiles and pumps to heavy equipment and industrial machinery.  Shafts and gears serve the purpose of transmitting rotary motion and torque/power from one object to another.  Common to both is technologies is the use or splines or teeth to mesh or marry with the corresponding part in order to transfer motion.  We have spline broaching capabilities on our CNC’s for both internal and external cutting.

Special treatments and coatings are available to extend the life of shafts and gears, such as heat treating and Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating.

Gear and shaft

Coatings and Treatments

A number of post production treatments such as induction hardening, plating, PVD coating, and more.

Spline and Teeth Broaching

Internal and external broaching capabilities on 5 axis CNC’s.

Many Materials Available

Regular and alloy steels available, including nickel and chromium alloys.