Getting the
right fit

Metal dowel pins are cylindrically shaped parts that are used to align components in the assembly of machinery, jigs, and more.  Commonly used in the OEM and industrial sectors, critical factors typically include tight tolerances, as well as microfinishes for consistent and easy installation in the field while maintaining a snug fit.  Sometimes internal and even external threads are used.

Rods are very general term for elongated and narrow cylindrical parts that are sometimes threaded, ported, slotted, and more.   Rods are used in fixtures, structures, and quite simply hold objects firmly together to maintain permanence.

Material strength must take into account sheer or lateral forces.  We focus on non-standard design and production of dowels, pins, taper pins, as well as rods in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and aluminum.  Post production treatments include plating, anodizing, and polishing.

Rods & dowels

Coatings and Treatments

Adaptall offers a number of post production treatments such as hardening, thread coatings, and polishing.

Fine Tolerance Machining

Special applications and end-uses may require very precise tolerances, surface roughness’s, radii, and more.

Many Materials Available

Regular and alloy steels available, including high carbon steel and stainless steel, brass and aluminum.