When traceability
is not an option

Adaptall has the ability to mark individual parts in multiple locations, on flat and uneven surfaces, with part numbers, incremental serial numbering, batch/lot numbers, UDI (unique device identifier), barcodes, as well as logos and more.  We use laser etching to mark finished parts, CNC scribing while parts are being machined, as well as a bar roller / engraver to mark bars before being machined.  Our etching, scribing, and engraving tooling/equipment works with all types of materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, and more.

Part marking is sometimes a requirement for traceability, especially in Medical and Automotive industries.  Marking of part numbers is also becoming a standard practice in retail environments where parts can be mixed up in bins, especially fluid connectors and fasteners.  Samples available upon request.

Part marking

Laser Etching

Our high volume laser etching equipment is capable of producing high quality and resolution text, barcodes, and logos.

Bar Engraving

Our bar rolling & engraving machine can mark 12’ hex bars in under 5 seconds.  3 stage heat treated dies required.

Large & Small Print Areas

Laser etching area is 6.6” x 6.6” which accommodates parts of most sizes.  Bar engraving can produce logos / text up to ½” tall and 12” long.