We are the
Thread Experts

Adaptall’s beginnings go back to 1985 when Adaptall Manufacturing’s parent company began wholesaling Metric & British Adapters to Hydraulic hose & fitting distributors throughout North America.  As market share grew, so did the need for custom fittings and adapters.  In 1998 a CNC facility was opened in Pickering, Ontario and has been fulfilling custom and non-standard fitting production for Adaptall’s distributor network ever since.

As Adaptall Manufacturing’s reputation grew for adhering to on-time deliveries and a high quality product, the complexity and variety of jobs expanded.  We have worked with countless thread types and standards for a wide variety of end users and industries.

Our experience in the hydraulic industry has exposed us to a wide variety of fitting types that make us no stranger to threaded components in other industries.  In fact, thread types such as Metric, BSP, UN/UNF/UNC, which are common in the hydraulic world are also standard in almost every other industry in the world utilizing a thread.  Sealing methodologies do change from one industry to the next, but that’s where our expertise comes in.


Coatings and Treatments

Adaptall offers a number of post production treatments such as plating, anodizing, passivating and thread coating.

O-Rings, Seals

Sealing compounds can vary greatly in material type and hardness. We have access to numerous suppliers across the globe.

Other Treatments

Bagging, labelling, laser etching/serial & lot numbering, cleaning for food/beverage/medical, and more.