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Bushings serve a number of purposes across a wide array of industries.  There are two main types of bushings: Flange and Cylindrical.  Flange bushings commonly employ two different O.D’s but share the same I.D, with the purpose of either providing a step up or down in O.D to achieve desired spacing and/or depth, to bridge a gap in I.D vs O.D, to center components, or to provide support for rotating components with radial and axial loads.  In the latter example, special treatments may be required to achieve optimal performance and extend part life.

Cylindrical bushings are sleeves for all intents and purposes, do not use a step up or down in O.D, and provide support for radial loads only.  Cylindrical bushings have one O.D and I.D throughout the part.

Bushings and sleeves are used in everything from automobiles, heavy equipment, tracked vehicles, fixtures, jigs, structures, and fasteners, in a wide variety of materials and finishes including hardened steel and oil-impregnated sintered bronze.

Bushing and sleeve

Coatings and Treatments

A number of post production treatments such as heat treating, induction hardening, PVD coating, and more.

Fine Tolerance Machining

Special applications and end-uses of bushings may require very precise tolerances, surface roughness’s, radii, and more.

Many Materials Available

Regular and alloy steels available, including high carbon steel and stainless steel, as well as oil-impregnated sintered bronze.