Don’t let profit
go down the tubes

Shaped tube lines come in welded and solid-drawn steel and stainless steel, as well as copper, brass, and aluminum from 6mm to 22mm diameter.  Prefabricated hose lines come in standard materials and PTFE, which is offers superior chemical resistance as well as the ability to operate in both high and low temperatures.  Hose and tube lines come ready to install, with connectors crimped or welded on both ends, in either Banjo, DIN, BSP, Metric, and more.  Each assembly is numbered, capped, bagged, and labelled.  All assemblies are pressure tested beforehand.

Adaptall’s focus is on large volume production for the OEM and Automotive sectors.  For all other inquiries we are happy to forward you to your local hose, tube, & fitting distributor.


Coatings & Treatments

Adaptall offers a number of post production treatments such as plating, anodizing, passivating and thread coating.

CAD/CAM Tube Bending

All tubes are shaped using automated machinery and computer aided manufacturing for consistent production.

Other Treatments

Bagging, labelling, laser etching/serial & lot numbering, cleaning for food/beverage/medical, and more.