Large production

OEM & Automotive sectors have a few things in common: large volume runs of parts requiring exacting tolerances, at the lowest price possible.

Adaptall Manufacturing employs an array of fully automated 5-axis CNC’s with automatic bar loaders that allow us to produce the maximum number of parts in a shift, with the savings being passed on to you - the customer.  Optimal cycle times with minimal human inputs is critical in order to provide the best price possible.

Typical products for the OEM & automotive markets that Adaptall Manufacturing supplies includes fittings/adapters & couplings, pre-fabricated hose & tube lines, bushings and sleeves, as well as fasteners and hardware.

Part marking is also sometimes a requirement for the OEM & automotive sectors.  Adaptall Manufacturing can mark parts with part number, batch/lot numbers, assembly or sub assembly numbers, serial numbers and more.

PPAP documention (levels 1 to 4) available upon request.

OEM & Automotive

Hose & Tube Lines

Hose and tube lines come with connectors crimped or welded on both ends, in either Banjo, DIN, BSP, Metric, and more.

High Volume Runs

Our 5-axis dual spindle CNC’s with automated bar feeders can continuously run for multiple shifts at a time without stopping.

Part Marking & Engraving

Laser etching, CNC scribing, and other options available to mark parts for traceability and identification.