Cleanliness &
Quality driven

Medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, cosmetics, and related industries use manufactured products just like any other industry however there are some major underlying differences.  For one, Medical applications have very strict requirements for materials, dimensions and tolerances, traceability and quality control, and most importantly cleaning, packaging and certification.

Whether it be threaded fittings, manifolds, fasteners and hardware, we have extensive experience with clean room assembly and bagging.  Many times there are multiple components in an assembly that require separate cleaning processes unique to each, then assembled in a clean room.  No job is too complicated in this regard, in fact we welcome the challenge.

FAI (First Article Inspection) documentation and COC's (Certificate of Conformity) available upon request.

UDI (unique device identifier) part marking services available.

Medical & Biotechnology

High Quality Materials

Typical materials for medical & healthcare applications include SS316/316L and Nickel plated brass.

Fine Tolerance Machining

Medical applications and end-uses may require very precise tolerances, surface roughness’s, radii, and more.

Cleaning for Oxygen Service

Cleaning and bagging as per ASTM G93-03 and CGA G-4.1 available upon request.