Durable &
Built to last

Military & defense applications require parts and components that are able to withstand rugged field conditions, as well as heavy and sustained usage without breaking down or experiencing premature wear.  Special materials and treatments are sometimes required, as well as exacting tolerances in order to achieve optimal part life-span.  MIL-SPEC and other standards are usually employed which could incorporate complicated specifications, however we have worked with countless unique standards from all across the globe making us an ideal choice.

Part marking such as part numbering and serial numbering is also sometimes a requirement for military and defense applications so that parts are easily identifiable for replacement, especially while deployed.  Adaptall Manufacturing can mark parts with part number, batch/lot numbers, assembly or sub assembly numbers, serial numbers and more.


Coatings & Treatments

A number of post-production treatments such as thread coating, plating, PVD coating, and more.

Fine Tolerance Machining

Defense applications may require very precise tolerances, surface roughness’s, radii, and more.

Part Marking & Engraving

Laser etching, CNC scribing, and other options available to mark parts for field identification and replacement.